Now that you physically moved those endless amounts of boxes into your new home, it is time for the scary part: opening and sorting.  One tip that’s very important to remember is you don’t need to put too much stress on how you decide to decorate a space; furniture and items can move if you change your mind!  You can mimic the layout of your old place or try something entirely new! However, behind all the fun parts about decorating and planning the styles, we all eventually have to get down to the nitty gritty. That’s right, I’m talking organizing your closets. Before you run away screaming and resorting to shoving all your boxes in there, let us give you a few tips to avoid all the terror!

  1. Start the process before the move: Don’t just throw everything into a box – sort through your clothes before packing them up.  Some ideas for categories are pants, t-shirts, dress clothing, pajamas, etc. This is also a great time to go through your wardrobe and really figure out what is worth hanging on to.  Save the space in the box for other items instead of where you’d normally put those heels from your high school prom that have collected cobwebs.
  1. Think about Storage Options: Have you always wanted to sort your clothes by season but never wanted to put in the time and effort? Well, now that they got to go in a box anyway, why not sort them into new totes labelled winter or spring (or any other distinction) while packing up? Now, you can finally save room in your closet for only this season’s clothing and move those totes to the attic!
  1. Find a Home for Everything: Don’t let yourself shove a box into the back of the closet just because you don’t know where you should put it quite yet.  This is where random junk goes to die. Instead, try setting the box on a desk or in the kitchen, so once you’re more settled, you can try looking for a home for the items again but won’t forget about them while unpacking other areas.
  1. Look online for storage bins or other tools to pack multiple items into a small space: One of the best things I did for my move was purchase a shoe rack, which saved SO much space in my closet for bags, suitcases, and even more shoes! There are so many products out there ranging from various budgets that can help you organize your belongings, whether you’re sizing up or down from your old house.

All in all, the best thing to remember is things that are shoved to the side to be dealt with later are often never looked at again. The best advice I can give you is to avoid any decisions that one day might resemble the classic junk drawer, as well as reconsider if something is worth keeping or would be better served in a new home. No matter what, challenge yourself to experiment with organization styles, layouts, or new methods to make your new house a home.