Reality has set in – the move date is set and looking around you wonder how all of this stuff is going into moving truck and to new home in a relatively short period of time. Whether downsizing, moving across town, or across the country the first step is to ruthlessly purge whatever is going. Get a floor plan of your new home and determine what furniture and décor will work and either sell, donate or trash what you won’t need. Again, the key word is Ruthless!

Pack, another four letter word, is an entirely different problem. Getting all the stuff from cabinets, drawers and closets into boxes and safely to the new destination is one of the most dreaded parts of moving. When getting a written price from Movers go ahead and get separate Guaranteed Price for Packing. If you determine you still want to do this yourself here are some tips:

  1. Start early. Don’t procrastinate- you need to have everything packed up before Movers arrive. Try to find moving boxes and supplies from someone who has recently moved but if that doesn’t work check with West Tennessee Moving and Storage in our Paris location to purchase moving boxes and supplies. Be leery of using food or other boxes – often they are weakened and dirty. Never use inked newspaper as packing paper as the ink can permanently come off on your possessions. If you move often consider buying plastic totes and lids to pack and move and then you can easily reuse during the next move.
  2. Create a color system – different color index cards that will correspond to different color of each room so Movers know where to take each box on Move Day. In the new house tape the different color cards to the appropriate door so everyone easily knows where to put boxes. Also using different color tape can indicate a regular box or signify items are fragile which is helpful for loading in the truck and stacking in the new house in the designated room.
  3. Start packing process with out-of-season clothes, decorations, china, crystal and home décor. Mark each box so you can unpack as needed. Try to group like items together. Ie. All the boxes marked Christmas decorations can go into storage at the new home until you are ready for Christmas season.
  4. Pack heavier items in bottom of box, but fill every box to the top. Use extra linen or towels to pack fragile items.
  5. Breakable lamp bases can be wrapped in towels or clothing and placed inside the washing machine for safe and efficient storage.
  6. Pack a clear tote of the items that need quick access to – toilet paper, shower curtain liner, basic tools, scissors, pen and paper, extension cords light bulbs, and tape. This will allow you to begin to set up house on move in day.
  7. If you have flat screen TVs and don’t have the original packing we have TV boxes for a minimal fee that we can bring on move day.
  8. Keep important documents, jewelry, cash and prescription medications with you as you travel to new home.
  9. Use garbage bags to pack hanging clothes. Just bag up and to keep clothes clean even if they come off hangers and save time packing and unpacking.
  10. If possible pack beds, mattresses last on the truck so they can be first off the truck at new home and get set up immediately. Have clean linens ready to make bed and put toiletries in bathroom so at the end of the long day you can easily take shower and get a good night’s sleep.

The moving and packing process are challenging, but the more tips you can incorporate, the smoother the process will go.

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