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STAGING – the home channels are filled with shows focusing on how important this is as part of the selling process. The need to de-clutter and depersonalize our homes before putting for sale is the jumping off point now for both homeowners and realtors. Statistics show that the majority of home buyers look online to begin and to narrow down their home search. Therefore, the need to have a space show well both in person and online pictures is critical. Often we are so used to our own spaces we don’t see them thru the buyers’ eyes. We are in the thought process of that couch has ALWAYS been there and where else would we display our collection of Hummel figurines from Grandma.

This is where the services of an expert home stager can be an invaluable resource. Being able to look at a space and objectively determine how to make the most of the space and your current furnishings is vital. Maybe you are planning to give the walls a fresh coat of paint or new carpet or tile to update the space – this is where the services and fresh eyes and perspective helps both the homeowner and the realtor. Staging a house properly and making necessary updates will likely bring in higher offers and reduce the amount of time a home is on the market. The selling process of a home is extremely stressful particularly if you have children or pets in the home so having a house that is updated and shows well will be a powerful tool.

Items a Home Stager can assist with:

  • Getting the best furniture layout for spaces
  • What accessories to put on book shelves, fireplace mantels, and coffee tables. Often times we don’t change or update these spaces. Often times less is more and a home stager can help you determine what items compliment space and what distract.
  • Working with home owners or family members to depersonalize a space, but maintaining a welcoming feel allowing new home owners to envision themselves living there.
  • Suggesting necessary updates if needed and what improvements would get the best return.

Before having professional pictures done homeowners need to review this checklist:

  • Garish paint colors and wallpaper – if possible try to update and neutralize.
  • Cluttered countertops on bathroom vanities and kitchen countertops. Those spaces should be almost completely free of stuff – you want the homeowner to see cabinets and countertops without questioning is there enough storage?
  • Too much furniture in a room – are there clearly defined walkways and make sure items don’t block focal points. I once saw a love seat in front of a fireplace which highlighted that the room didn’t have enough seating and completely blocked the focal point of the room.
  • Seemingly obvious – garbage cans and household items put away. I have seen online pictures with empty drink containers and two liter bottles on kitchen countertops, laundry folded on chair but not put away. Animals on the furniture or countertops. Put dog beds and litter boxes out of view for both pictures and showings.
  • If bedding and towels are outdated purchase new in neutral colors to make bedrooms and baths look fresh and clean.

Before going further in the Home Selling Process, reach out to West Tennessee Moving and Storage for a recommended Home Stager and De-Clutterer to survey your space. If you need additional help Packing up, Moving and Storing unwanted items or Cleaning we can give you a Guaranteed Quote to stretch your energy and time at a very busy time.

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