So you think you can move during a holiday? Good news, you are not alone! If you think the most wonderful time of the year can stop people from the dreaded packing and planning required to move, we hate to tell you that you are sorely mistaken.  On top of family and friends visiting out-of-town, Christmas gift shopping, decorating the house (that you are about to move out of!), preparing to leave your lovely home can be cause for a major headache.  Never fear! We are here to provide tips on the best ways to move during the Holiday season, packing, and more so that moving cannot stop you and your family from enjoying the season.

  1. Save the packing of your Christmas decorations for the last minute who says you can’t still enjoy December? By packing these last, your family can still be festive before the big day AND immediately unpack and decorate your new abode or depending on your move date put up until next year’s season.
  2. Try to be minimalistic in your holiday decorations Although you can still decorate your house before moving out, try to find the best way to maximize your festivities on the smallest amount of Holiday decorations. Maybe wait to put up the tree until you get to the new house, or just skip putting up EVERY single ornament your kids made for a school project. It is a great opportunity to get rid of broken ornaments or donate decorations you no longer love.
  1. Be prepared for Winter Weather The Weather App is going to be your best friend. Check for weather updates, rain, icy roads, snowfall, or anything else that might affect your moving day timeline and if traveling thru mountain areas consider alternative routes if inclement weather hits.
  1. Take advantage of delivery boxes you receive and post to Facebook to see if you can gather some recycled moving supplies from those who have just unpacked. I was able to get moving boxes and materials from a friend who had just unpacked from her move and then posted when we got to NC and someone came and picked up packing materials and boxes for their move. Green recycling at its best.

Above all else, take a break now and then to enjoy the holiday. Split your time between wrapping breakables and watching Elf 15 times. Look for the best ice skating rinks, light shows or cafes in your new home to help get settled. And know that West TN Moving and Storage is here to help lift the burdens off of you this Christmas season (both figurative and literally)!