Meetings, school, dances, graduations, Broadway, you name it…. it all got pushed to the side when COVID-19 hit. I’m sure you’re as tired reading that name as we are of talking about it. Unfortunately, life’s catastrophes are like your child when they are bored at home: they don’t care about what you have to do.  They are going to do what they want and you just have to follow along and do what you can. And that means figuring out how to navigate moving, a hassle in and of itself.

How do we attempt to move houses, something that’s already difficult enough without the added pressure of approaching germs on every surface you touch? Fortunately, that’s where I am here to help: here are some tips for maintaining safety and sanitation while moving in a pandemic.

  1. Contact your moving company and ask about the precautions they plan to take, and anything they may ask of you. This will prevent any big day surprises and make sure both parties are as prepared as can be!
  2. Wipe down things as you pack. Get it all done in one-go, and this will put your movers’ minds at ease while they’re loading up your things.
  3. Make sure everything is ready to go at least 24 hours before movers come in. This gives bacteria a chance to scoot on over as much as it can before new hands touch the surface.
  4. If you’re moving out of an apartment building, check in with your complex to see if they have any rules you might want to have a heads up about.
  5. Avoid using recycled boxes for packing. Coronavirus can live on cardboard surfaces for up to 24 hours, sources say.

Don’t forget to wear your mask, and any gloves if you have them. Moving companies want to keep you safe as much as their employees, so be sure to be transparent with them about any symptoms your household may be experiencing. If possible limit the family members present during the move to one individual and remember to keep washing your hands throughout the move and keep out hand soap and paper towels easily accessible for everyone.