By Lauren Ragsdale

I know, I know – you have vacuumed your carpets and dusted your blinds until you cannot pick up another Swiffer. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there’s more to a house than just your beautifully remodeled kitchen and master bedroom. That’s right – that backyard with overflowing weeds and rotting wood can also be a major point of interest with possible buyers. If you dedicate a little extra time on a Saturday afternoon to give your backyard or patio or any outside space you have some love, it can really give your house the boost it needs.

Let’s start with the greenery- maybe you lawn mower hasn’t collected a layer of dust on it over the years. If that is the case, congrats! You are one less step away from creator the patio of your buyers’ dreams. Start weeding the garden, cracks in the sidewalk, in between the bushes – wherever you can find those pesky little plants! While you are at it, replace the weeds with some beautiful new flowers! Check out your Pinterest to find some inspiration to add to your soon-to-be garden! Add some mulch to refine the space between bushes and the grass the look a little sad. Careful not to overdo it, however; adding too many color and plants might make it look overcrowded and smaller than it really is. Potted plants are a great addition and can move with you to the new home.

Next, pick up any old toys or gardening tools that you may have left around for a little while, bonus if you can find the tiny weeds that have grown around. Try avoiding stuffing them in the garage, though; there is a likely chance some visitors will want to see all rooms of the house. Invest in some new lightbulbs for any porch lamps or update other fixtures if you need to; one of the best things you can do for your home showings is to effectively light up all the spaces, making every room seem cozier and more livable. Additionally, a power wash could save you money on having to repaint any window shutters or sides of the house or give new life to your deck or patio.

For the final touches, furnish any outside areas where it would make sense to lounge around. The trend in home décor today is outside rooms expanding the living space of your home without costly renovations. Comfortable outdoor furniture will go a long way to encourage potential homeowners that these are additional spaces to live in. There is no need to dump your wallet; simply a few small touches could go a long way, even a small vase of flowers or a few accent pillows or spray paint existing furniture or pots or get new cushions. String lights or a portable fire pit also go a long way to making a space attractive. Like the bushes and flowers, do not overdo it by adding too many things; you do not want an overcrowded space that makes your backyard appear smaller. If you have the budget and time, another cute idea is to put a walkway of stones to bridge any points of interest to the house without making it seem awkwardly placed. All of these tiny additions to your outdoor spaces can really make a huge difference when it comes to selling your home; do not be afraid to get creative!