At different stages in life you may have a need for a storage unit – whether it is decluttering to prepare for a move or show a home, if you are building or remodeling a certain space or an entire home, or you have inherited a large number of possessions or furniture.  Whatever the circumstances, there are some basic steps to organizing and utilizing that space to minimize the amount of stress and hassle. Many times we have an estimated time that some process will take and those estimates in real time go completely out the window! We might move into a unit with the idea in early spring that we will have project done by the end of summer and you find yourself digging through boxes looking for winter coats or Christmas décor.

Below are some simple steps to help organize the process:

  1. First and foremost be ruthless with what you keep – have a plan of where it will go in the very near future. If you are moving into a new space have all the measurements and a floor plan of what items will go where and sell or discard any that won’t fit.
  2. Organize and label what is in every box on both the top and sides. Early on in the packing process I thought I would remember what was in with what items. There is never too much detail on labeling and having additional lists on the sides helps to see what is in each box if they are stacked covering the information on top.
  3. When you load the storage unit put the larger furniture items in the back of the unit and the smaller, lighter boxes on top of these allowing you to reach items easier and to prevent crushing the items below. Items to consider keeping close to the front of the storage unit are different seasonal clothing especially if you are unsure how long items will be in storage. Another group of items to have within easy access are personal papers, taxes and filing. Depending on your timeframe consider having seasonal décor close to the front for easy access.
  4. To save space within a unit put smaller boxes in appliances for not only protection but also to maximize space used. When moving we loaded breakable lamp bases into the washing machine with towels and sheets to pad and this used the empty space well and kept our lamp bases unbroken.
  5. When choosing boxes and totes try to keep to a few sizes for ease in stacking and stability in stacking. If possible utilize some inexpensive but sturdy shelving to safely go vertical with possessions.
  6. Particularly if you have multiple storage units have a detailed list of what boxes are in what unit so when, not if, you need something you can easily find without rummaging through every unit.

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