You’ve done it – agreed upon a sales price and closing details with your potential buyer of your home. Here are some tips to make the move go smoothly.

  1. Particularly if the buyer is not from the area write them a letter and leave at the house on move in day! When we moved into our new home the previous owners left us a letter telling us what they loved about the house and the neighborhood and neighbors. It was a great feeling to hear rave reviews about our decision to live here and how good the surroundings and neighbors were as well. There is a ton of stress in moving and second guessing your decisions. Having someone tell you made a good choice was a great comfort.
  2. Leave a list of contractors and phone numbers for the new owners. We had many systems or features at our new house that we had never had before or services we wanted Ie. In ground sprinkler system, well, septic, and termite contract. We were able to contact these individuals or companies once the dust cleared from the move and they were familiar with our house and systems and could make recommendations about repairs and/or maintenance. Again, in a new area this was a great help since we didn’t have those contacts or knowledge.
  3. Provide copies of any receipts for house improvements or warranties for appliances that are staying with the home. We received an entire folder of brochures and information on different products that the previous owners had purchased for our current home while they lived here. It was great to see what improvements were made to the house and the timeframe that it occurred. Also this was a great source of information if we want to expand on those improvements ourselves or see if appliances are still covered from factory warranty.
  4. Provide a contact number or email for new owner. This is helpful to you as more than likely there may be some mail or packages that don’t get forwarded to your new address. Also it was beneficial to be able to text a quick question. We sent a text to try to determine where the extra paint was to match up to touch up a spot and ask if they knew why a certain wire was cut under the deck? Both were quickly responded to and helpful information. The previous owners still live in the area and were thrilled when we contacted them about some mail and packages that didn’t get forwarded.
  5. Work with Xtreme Cleaning to make sure your home is ready to receive new owners or if you yourself are moving into a vacant home or apartment. As if the stress of moving isn’t enough on its own, there are numerous details and nuances that accompany every move, including cleaning. Whether you are moving out of an old apartment and are hoping to receive your security deposit, upgrading offices with your company, or preparing to move across country while leaving your house in the reliable hands of a local realtor, moving anywhere requires cleaning. And if you do not have the time or energy to accomplish the cleaning you need on your own, Xtreme Cleaning Services from West Tennessee Moving & Storage can help.

When it comes to moving, the goal is to help you eliminate moving stress. There are a number of different cleaning service options, including:

  • Pre-Moving Cleaning
  • Post-Moving Cleaning
  • Construction Cleaning

At West Tennessee Moving & Storage, the pricing is 100% guaranteed not to change for any reason; there will be no surprises on the invoice at the end of the day.

For professional cleaning services to help with your move, contact us online or call West Tennessee Moving & Storage at 877-512-MOVE today. Depending on timeframes different cleaning options are available.


  • Countertop wipedown
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Sweep, mop, and vacuum floors
  • Baseboard and trim wipedown


  • Basic Clean Items
  • Staying appliances are cleaned inside and out
  • Clean light fixtures and fans (those in reach using a small ladder)
  • Clean doors and door facings
  • All cabinets cleaned inside and out
  • Air vents cleaned and filters changed (replacement filters must be provided)

If you have any questions about your moving needs – Transporting, Packing, Cleaning and Storage, West Tennessee Moving and Storage in Jackson is open Monday thru Friday from 9am-4:30pm to assist with all your moving and storage needs. The Paris location is open Monday thru Friday from 9am-4pm and 9am-noon on Saturday. Visit our website at for additional information and reviews or call 877-512-MOVE or send a request for a Guaranteed Estimate and set up an in house appointment for a No Obligation Quote.