by Lauren Ragsdale

It’s so much more fun to stage your indoor space, isn’t it?  You get to rearrange furniture, put fake lemons in vases, and lay out a tray of freshly baked cookies during open houses for your children to snatch when you’re not looking (speaking from personal experience here). Outside is much less glamorous; this includes, but not limited to: sweating profusely while weeding, learning about all the different types of mosquitoes that can sting you, and trimming rose bushes as much as we did to our poor eyebrows in the 90’s. However, just like taking the Christmas tree down before Easter, it has to be done. So to lighten your load, here are some quick tips for making the outdoors as inviting as the indoors (no matter the budget).

​As obvious and dreadful as it may be, the best way to start is by cleaning up, especially small areas of your porch/backyard that you have neglected for years.  If you have little ones, I’d suggest getting some kind of storage bin (if you don’t have one already) to stow away their bikes, toys, balls, etc. while your house is on the market. Break out the weed wacker, lawn mower, power washer, and many of the other tools you’ve gotten your husband for Father’s day that are still in the packaging.  Not only does it feel more rewarding to get the most frustrating part of the staging process over with first, but it is a lot easier to look at your outdoor space with a fresh eye and sense of accomplishment.

​Once that nightmare is over, it is time to add decoration/minimize decoration, depending on your hoarder status. When possible buyers walk into your space, they are trying to picture their furniture in your home. Remember, although you may like it, try to take up an objective approach to the way your home is styled. Our goal here is to appeal to as many different styles of home décor as we can, so try to save any possibly unconventional pieces for your new home. Additionally, take advantage of the season or holiday of the month; adding subtle and classic holiday pieces can make your home appear less stiff and more appealing.

​Once you’re in the house-showing process, your house needs to be how it looks all the time: put-together and unnaturally clean.  It is not unusual to get a phone call from potential buyers asking to stop by the house in 30 minutes, which is not enough time to bring your place from house with three kids to vacation home that your family visits from time to time.  In regards to the outdoor portion, try to keep your porch lights, as well as any water features or other electrically-powered decorations running until you go to bed.  In the real estate business, first impressions can make or break an offer, but it will all be worth it once this house goes off the market and you can focus on packing up your things and moving out!

The moving and packing process are challenging but the more tips you can incorporate the smoother the process will go. If you have any question about your moving needs – Staging, Transporting, Packing, Cleaning and Storage, West Tennessee Moving and Storage is open in Jackson Monday thru Friday from 9:30am-4:30pm to assist with all your moving and storage needs. The Paris location is open Monday thru Friday from 9 am-4 pm and 9 am-noon on Saturday. Visit our website at for additional information and reviews or call 877-512-MOVE or send a request for a Guaranteed Estimate and set up an in house appointment for a No Obligation Quote.