At WTMS as a full service, licensed and bonded company we can provide either Packing or Unpacking services to help ease the stress of your move. With us to handle your packing, you are guaranteed that all of your fragile office or household belongings will be securely packed and properly crated before loading them into the truck. Our moving and packing services at WTMS are second to none as they are handled by our professional crew who are experienced and diligent in carrying out the packing task securely and safely.

All of our staff have completed extensive training to make sure you will receive professional service and complete customer satisfaction. We cover all furniture pieces with our moving blankets and furniture pads to make sure all of the items are safely transported to your new place. WTMS uses only the best moving equipment and the latest moving techniques, combined with our vast moving experience we can offer to provide you a superior move.

We also offer custom services based on your unique needs. Before proceeding, we always take the time to understand how you want your items packed and moved; then we proceed with your project accordingly. Additionally once you move in your new home our trained staff is available to help you unpack and getting about the business of creating your new home and settling in….Call us now for affordable Packing and Unpacking quotes to simplify your move. Also we sell packing supplies and boxes at our Paris location if you decide to pack yourself.

If you are going to do the packing yourself, here are some tips:

  • Choose boxes that are appropriate in size. Reach out to friends and family after the move to see if anyone needs moving supplies. Some areas of the country require you to recycle the empty boxes and packing materials so this is a great way to reuse materials.
  • If your move is planned, begin packing early – choosing items in rooms you use the least and clearly marking outside of boxes with contents and where to take that box in the new home.
  • If your home is still on the market, consider packing items or furniture to de-clutter or streamline your home so buyers can envision their family living there and maximize the size of your rooms.
  • Cushion the bottom of your box with packing paper or bubble wrap.
  • Wrap delicate items carefully with packing paper or bubble wrap so that items won’t shift or break. Homes with too many items and furniture don’t show as well.
  • Pack the boxes tightly, but be sure not to make them too heavy so they are hard to lift.
  • Secure your boxes with packing tape.
  • Label each box with the contents and the room it belongs in. Save essential items for last. Tape boxes across tops an edges.
  • The sizes of boxes is dependent on items you pack. There are a number of specialty boxes available for specific items such as wardrobe boxes and picture boxes. If you are moving televisions or entertainment electronics the original boxes are ideal to repackage in. If you don’t have those boxes we can pack those for you with advance notice. Just let us know during pricing and we can include the costs in the bid.
  • Dispose, sell or donate unwanted articles prior to moving to streamline packing and reduce the cost.
  • Loosely wrap glass, stoneware and all fragile items using two layers of plain paper or cloth (clean socks work well).
  • Wrap china and fragile objects in wrapping paper individually, preferably using small boxes or dish pack boxes. Large plates and heavy items should be placed at the bottom of the box; smaller items such as glasses and saucers should be placed on top. Do not overpack each box, or place items above the edge of the box.
  • Books should be packed in small book cartons and secured with packing tape. Wrap valuable books individually. Do NOT pack books in furniture drawers as the extra weight could damage your furniture. Pack canned goods in small, sturdy boxes. Do not overpack, boxes should not weigh more than 50 pounds.
  • If moving refrigerator, defrost and thoroughly dry your refrigerator before moving. The doors should be left open several hours to air after defrosting. All trays, shelves, and removable parts should be removed and wrapped separately. All perishable food must be removed as well, and can be placed in a cooler with ice to transport in your vehicle.
  • Wardrobe boxes can be used to transport hanging clothes. Generally they will hold approximately 25 hangers. This will transport your hanging clothes wrinkle free. Other clothing should be placed in medium to large size boxes, suitcases, trunks, or left in dresser drawers.
  • Kitchen utensils should be placed in small boxes or dish pack boxes. Durable heavier pieces should be placed on the bottom. All items should be wrapped in paper or towels to prevent scratching. Toasters, waffle irons, mixers, etc. should be placed in medium sized boxes. Once again, placing the heavier items on bottom; lighter items on top.
  • Pendulums on clocks should be removed or secured tightly to the base of the clock. Small clocks may be wrapped and placed in boxes.
  • Particle board furniture was not built to be moved. The only way to safely move it is for you to disassemble it in entirety, and reassemble it once you arrive.
  • Small pictures may be wrapped individually and placed in medium/large boxes. Large and valuable pictures must be wrapped in furniture blankets, placed in mirror cartons or crated for moving.
  • Washers must be disconnected ahead of time. Also it is best to run washing machine for a full cycle without any clothes to ensure all of the water has been emptied. Gas dryers must be disconnected ahead of time.
  • Pack breakable lamps in the drum of your washing machine with clean towels. This protects the lamps and you know where extra towels and linens are when you arrive in your new home.
  • Remove any ornamental tops from table lamps. Floor lamps and table lamps which cannot be boxed will be wrapped in furniture blankets and taken as is. Wrap lamp shades in white clear tissue paper only and place in medium/large box marked “fragile”. Do not use newspaper on any lampshade as it may stain shade.
  • Wrapping items in newsprint may leave stains on certain items, so it is best to use newsprint on things that can be wiped off easily, like cutlery or certain ceramics.
  • Pack all loose items in boxes, not bags and label box.
  • Place bedding in large boxes or garbage bags that are clean and secure. Light articles such as blankets or pillows may be put in furniture drawers.
  • WTMS will cover your mattresses and box springs with plastic covers to protect during the moving process.
  • Label and place screws and small parts from disassembled furniture and equipment in small clear plastic bags and tape to furniture or frames. There’s nothing more annoying than trying to assemble furniture only to realize you’re missing half the screws.
  • Transport jewelry, money and valuables in your own vehicle.
  • Organize and label electronics and cables before your move for easy set up at new location. Take picture with your phone to refer to upon arrival in new home.
  • Pack snacks for extra protection and convenience. Moving will take a lot out of you so pack some snacks within easy access to keep your blood sugar and mood up throughout the process.

Rule of thumb for determining number of boxes needed depends on the square footage of your home/office:

  • Less than 500 square feet: 3-12 large boxes, 8-15 medium boxes, 12-18 small boxes
  • 500-900 square feet: 5-15 large boxes, 10-20 medium boxes, 15-25 small boxes
  • 1,000-1,499 square feet: 10-20 large boxes, 15-25 medium boxes, 20-30 small boxes
  • 1,500-1,999 square feet: 15-25 large boxes, 20-30 medium boxes, 30-40 small boxes
  • Over 2,000 square feet:20-30 large boxes, 25-35 medium boxes, 40-50 small boxes
  • If this becomes overwhelming we will be happy to quote you a no obligation price to either Pack or Unpack or both depending on your needs.

Be sure to have any essential items that you will need:

  • Toiletries and Medicines
  • Important Papers: birth certificates, social security cards if you are registering children for schools
  • Suitcase full of clean clothes for a few days, sheets, clean towels.
  • Toolbox: Assemble a toolbox with screwdrivers, string, scissors, packing tape, utility knife
  • Floor plan of new home: Create a drawing of each room and try to determine which furniture items and rugs will go where in new home. Additionally try to determine what items in boxes will go to specific rooms in new home or office space. Plan to have your sheet with details as movers are unloading truck so you can direct them where everything goes. Have movers set up beds so you can get a good night’s sleep after Moving day!

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Top 10 Reasons To Choose West Tennessee Moving and Storage

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  2. Great Reputation – read our Google and Facebook Reviews and Testimonials
  3. Locally Family Owned and Operated
  4. Clean cut, professional movers and drivers
  5. Move one family at a time – no chance of your belongings getting mixed up with another family
  6. Replacement Process – no hassle
  7. Quicker Delivery – movers go directly to your new home after loading
  8. Experienced Company – over 15 years in business
  9. Full Service Options – Both Packing and Unpacking
  10. Climate Controlled Storage Option if Needed

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