The Moving Process is both stressful and back breaking but the final lap is after the boxes and furniture are loaded is getting the house spic and span for either the new owners or preparing it for the sales process.  Hiring a professional to clean is beneficial for many reasons.

  1. Avoid Fines. If you are moving out if a rental house or apartment you are much more likely to get back your security deposit. If a space doesn’t look or smell clean the landlord may keep some or all of your deposit to apply to damages or cleaning.
  2. If you are putting your home on the market sight and smell are one of the biggest deterrents to potential homebuyers. If a home does not appear or smell clean potential buyers will question overall maintenance and upkeep and often times just not inquire any further. A home that is dirty or dusty often will not receive top dollar from potential buyers and can delay home sale for months as buyers overlook. This delay can result in thousands of dollars in lost income as a home sits empty still requiring mortgage payments, yard upkeep, utilities etc. Additionally as a home sits longer on the market buyers will question what is wrong with the house. Make sure your home is sparkling from the start of the home sales process.
  3. Time and energy is often overestimated in the moving process and the knowledge that this chore is covered is a huge relief for homeowners. Coordinating a move either local or long distance requires a huge time commitment to line everything up and attend to all of the details.

Working with the cleaning professionals at West Tennessee Moving and Storage will allow individuals to maximize their energy and help get settled in the new home knowing that the cleaning of their former space is covered.